Take the panel from the TV prefix. Come to TV closer. Turn ON TV prefix.

    Blue light on prefix should ON. And button should blue light ON too.

    If blue light on prefix NOT ON (any reason), please push the button on prefix. Blue light should be ON

You may put back the panel from the TV prefix. You will NOT need in it any more.

    Turn ON the TV by using panel from TV

You should see channel HDMI2 and some picture.

    If you see any other cannel (NOT HDM2):


Change channels by using panel from TV. Push SOURCE, until see HDMI 2

    Take mouse. Turn it over. Turn mouse ON. Green light should ON.

    Now, this is ANDROID computer.

    This icon is TV programs. But Russian language only. And they make you see advertisement first.      This is Google chrome. Use it for sites, movies and run Youtube.

    Please DO NOT close this help panel. (Do not push right button: two arrows down). Thank you!