You can see hostel prices per night and/or for long stay (month and over). And what price is include.

Price by night:

Date of validity of prices Price for one place /
night (Rub)
Number living days
From to  check in


over 6 days is special price
09.03.20 30.04.19 650 600 1-6 days
 01.05.20 19.05.20  700  650   1-6 days
 20.05.20  31.05.20 800  750   1-6 days
 01.06.20  11.06.20  1000 900   1-6 days
12.06.20   14.06.20 1100  1000   1-6 days
 15.06.20 31.08.20  1000   900  1-6 days


Room price, by night:

Room for 2 person Extra bed price Number living days
check in pay pre-pay check in pay pre-pay  
NO 2000 NO same for bed 1-6 days
NO YES NO YES >6, special price

* pre-pay:
Payment is done before 48 hours of book date, for all booking period. 
Cancel of payment is possible before 48 hours of book date 12.00 Moscow time.  

Long stay price:

One bed / month (Rub) One bed each night
over month
Number living days
check in pay pre-pay check in pay  pre-pay  NO breakfast
or extra price 
12.000 12.000      * month
     400 400  * each night over month


If you have group and / or long time stay,
please contact us.

Check in at 14:00 lockal time
Early check in — subject to availability.

Check out before 12:00 lockal time

Late check out, could be cost. Please ask first.

Check-out time 12: 00 Moscow Time.


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What i pay for? or How are we different from others?


  We all know that the price level strongly affects the level of living. We always have few people. The average age is 30+. These are mostly business people visiting our city on business or education.
Everything is quiet and cozy…


  As practice shown, not many people know differense between  ventilation and air conditioning. The main difference is that the air conditioner cools or heats the room-driving around the air available there, with all the impurities and flavors. This is especially true of sleeping areas and kitchen. Ventilation-delivers FRESH air, cooling or heating it. For You, we have installed a modern air VENTILATION system.  

Breakfast (NOT available now)

  Five different sets,
Every day 7.00 — 10.30  

More details…


2_et_krovat_250   We do NOT use bunk beds. We have done second floor. You can stand, walk, put suitcases. All your belongings are near.  Do not need go somewhere…  

220 v sockets 

  There are so many gadgets today! We need in electricity power sockets everywhere. So, you will find sockets everywhere! You can sit or stand at any place of our hostel and the nearest socket is about  1-1.5 miters. There are two sockets at each bed.  


  For convenience of cooking, two full-fledged kitchens with all tableware are implemented. The kitchen allows to prepare for several hostesses without interfering with each other. At the same time the tea and coffee zone is taken out separately.
In kitchen, by number of a compartment, the capacious locker is provided for the products which are not demanding the refrigerator.


  • All hostel areas are under video surveillance.
  • 24 / 7  security at Enter
  • Room access and Main door access by personal PIN code.
  • Each bed has big safebox with electronic lock. 


  There are 3 showers and 4 toilets.  We have no turns!   

Hot water

kotelnaya   The center of our city does NOT have hot water. Each hotels heats water or use boilers. But it helps only for 5-7 person take shower one-by-one. Than need to wait long time until boiler warm up.
We established the high power boiler house providing with unlimited number of hot water.

Amway household chemicals

  We use only Amway household chemicals for cleening. Eco-friendly, safely, hypoallergenic.


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